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    Advice Column From Someone Who Is Not Qualified To Give Advice

    ask if you dare...

    Recently, I have started watching the infamous Sex and the City for the first time... and I noticed something; Carrie Bradshaw doesn't know shit. Yet, despite being the most clueless person ever, she has her own column! So I decided that as a fellow clueless person with a lot of misplaced confidence, I too would like to start my own advice column!

    Though I am currently a clueless, college sophomore with no future plans and a daily perscription for Zoloft, I am 100% sure I can solve all of your problems because if whiny annoying Carrie Bradshaw can do it, why can't I?


    Me, a clueless person on the right,and a handsome newly single Bill Gates on the left

    So, please leave any questions or comments below and I will be happy to answer and advise on my new column "Perplexed and the City!"


    Ask me about anything; marriage, babies, divorce, school- and I will give you the best possible answer a twenty-year-old with minimal life experience can give you!

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