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    • arsherman1

      I’m 35 now, been through a lot. I’ll tell a story before I got clean and when I was 22. If you’ve never felt withdrawal from opiates, the feeling of you bones tryng to tear through you skin plus even worse happens, so if that’s the case then you have absolutely no right to call these people terrible things. It’s not about being a wuss, it really hurts that much and one can even get horrible seizures. Imagine Soften up, addiction is a bitch and these people really don’t want to do this to themselves. When I was 22, You think I wanted a needle to break off and cause a blood infection that almost made me lose a limb. And all cause where i lived at the time didn’t want to help us with exchange programs. F them, let them spread aids and hep c. So I guarantee that if given the choice, all these russians would take heroin if they wanted and opiates are the only hard drug you can use your entire life without it shortening it, not this krokodil crap.

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