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17 Times Tumblr Made Us Laugh About Thanksgiving

Apparently, offering people gum does not count as cooking.

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1. When someone took the recipe a little too literally:

soulsearchingjourney / Via

2. When this post hit a little too close to home:

whatshouldbetchescallme / Via

3. When we found out Stephen Colbert has the same traditions that we do:

lemontreesoceanbreeze / Via

4. When Roseanne said what all of us were thinking:

astrologyexplained / Via

5. When this post perfectly summed up the inevitable defeat of will power:

whatshouldbetchescallme / Via

6. When the punniness of this post was so bad it was good:

ninetiesgrungekid / Via

7. When Rebel Wilson was all of us:

whatshouldbetchescallme / Via

8. When this post made every twenty-something groan in unison:

servingupsarcasm / Via

9. When you may or may not have mentally saved this line for later use:

love-this-pic-dot-com / Via

10. When this post could not have been more accurate:

howshouldisassyou / Via

11. When this post made you question how you do it:

eatdrinkbscary / Via

12. When every non-parent could relate:

savannahsmilesandsings / Via

13. When this post made vegetarians everywhere throw some shade:

love-this-pic-dot-com / Via

14. When this post made you wish you were drunk right now:

love-this-pic-dot-com / Via

15. When you couldn't even pretend that this wasn't like looking in a mirror:

closetofrandomness / Via

16. When NPH clearly has never had a half full pitcher of hard cider thrown at him in the heat of an argument:

acertainjennuhsaisquoi / Via

17. And when this post pretty much said it all:

happythanksgivingwishes / Via
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