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5 Eid Things Muslims Get Excited About

No, bitchy aunties are not included.

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Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims of the world! While you're at it, here are 5 things we all get excited about for this very special holiday.

5. Eid Mornings

Instagram: @suman

That feeling when you wake up for prayers and the vibe is so peaceful and calm; and you do not have to fast. Pleasant.

4. Eid Gatherings

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When the whole family comes together for food and just gather around is simply joyful. Lets not forget the super fun cousins coming together and getting the party turned up; and that one aunt who asks questions about your relationship.

3. Dress Up

Instagram: @alijums

Y'all get to wear your best abaya/thawbs and get real good looking. You know, for instagram pics.

2. DOE.

Instagram: @nurulfazlin84

You know it's lit when elders starts giving youngsters envelopes fill with cash.

1. Eid Food

Instagram: @thatfoodguydoe

When you can eat all the food you want and not caring about how much calories or fat contained in them. It's eid, you HAVE to eat. Basically what all of us are waiting for.

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