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Charles Manson On Freedom

Charles Manson has added his ideas about freedom to The Freedom Cards. The Freedom Cards is an organization that asks people to define what freedom means to them. It boast one of the most expansive and diverse group of contributors ever from Jimmy Carter to Malcom Gladwell from Nancy Pelosi to Desmond Tutu.

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Charles Manson response to the question "What does freedom mean to you?" came in a large white envelope adorned with "CALIFORNIA STATE PRISON CORCORAN", a swastika, and the phrase "I'm thinking of you."

Charles Manson's Freedom Card

The Freedom Cards

"My me is freedom may sun inside soul forever giving life and giving my me all my dead soldiers ATWA music. My is free now and air tree and free from sun is giving - 4 ever light year the graves hold much freedom than one set of little words can explain[.] How vast my me could be for ever baby on the earth.

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