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11 Reasons You Should Smile

Being happy can make you feel alive! The maker of Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ toothbrush and toothpaste gives you the tools you need to live healthily and happily, starting with your smile.

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1. Well for one, it makes you more attractive.


Friendliness starts with a smile! Not to mention it makes the rest of us start wondering if we should be doing the same!

2. Grinning is good for your heart!

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That's right! Smiling literally helps lower high blood pressure. Don't skip a beat!

3. Smiling can actually MAKE you happy.


Which came first: the smile or the happiness? Wonder no more. It's been proven that smiling releases endorphins that keep us feeling good. From beam to brain.

4. Stress is for frowners. / Via

Frowning isn't a good look... AND it can make you feel stressed! Smiling can literally make you feel happier.

5. Smiling gives us more confidence!


Smile your way to success! Looking confident and reliable never hurt anybody anyhow!

6. And OMG, it can help pain go away!!


Good news: Even if your mom isn't around to kiss your boo-boo, you can smile to relieve physical or mental pain.

7. Get a natural facelift with a smile!

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Paying to look younger is so overrated. You already have all the tools you need!

8. Say "goodbye" to bad attitudes.


Bad day at work? Irritated with your friends? When you start to feel a bad mood coming on, catch it with a smile.

9. Good health is something to smile about!

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When you smile, you allow your body's immune system to relax. Like the musician Vitamin C once said, "Put a smile on your face!"

10. And it's contagious!!!

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Not all things contagious are so bad! Smiling is a different kind of sharing! :)

11. C'mon... just crack a little smile. You'll live longer!!


No, but really, it's a fact! People who smile live longer than people who don't smile. So go on, smile your way to a better life!