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12 Struggles Only People With Sensitive Skin Will Understand

True love is the inseparable bond between someone and their trusted skin product. Presented by the maker of Arm & Hammer™ Sensitive Skin Free of Perfumes and Dyes laundry detergent™.

1. Once your skin has adjusted to the climate, the season changes.

2. You have your dermatologist on speed dial.

3. To you, a quick eyebrow trim is a 24-hour endeavor.

4. Hollywood scenes of frolicking in the grass are your actual nightmare.

5. You need a solid eight hours to buy new body products.

6. And when you do find your product, you’re bonded for life.

7. Cheap jewelry is never an option for you.

8. And nobody ever told you how expensive everything is.

9. Swimming is fun…until you forget your moisturizer.

10. Shaving is a miserable necessity.

11. When shopping, you just eyeball to see if the clothes fit.

12. Once you get the new clothes, they immediately go in the wash.

Be sure to wash your clothes with Arm & Hammer™ Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent, specifically designed for sensitive skin. The clean you need at a fraction of the cost!*

*vs. the leading detergent

Illustrations by William Smith © BuzzFeed 2016.