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12 Beauty Hacks With Three Ingredients Or Fewer

Perfect for the DIY shy. Try over 100 uses for baking soda from Arm & Hammer.

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3. Eye Shadow + Clear Topcoat = Custom Nail Polish

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A great way to repurpose cheap, expired, or I'm-never-going-to-wear-that-color-on-my-eyes shadow. Perfect for that one color (and there's always one) in every eye shadow pallette that is never going to get used. Instructions here.

4. A Charcoal Capsule + Aloe Vera Gel = Eyeliner

You can swap aloe vera for water to create a more liquid eyeliner. Just make sure to use activated charcoal, not I'm-going-camping charcoal. Apply normally with an eyeliner brush! Further instructions here.

12. Chapstick + Corn Starch + Liquid Foundation = Eyelid Primer

Serg Zastavkin / Via Shutterstock

A cheap primer is a great way to make expensive eyeshadow last much longer. This blogger ran a comparison against brand-name primer, and boy did it hold up.

Make your money go further with over 100 uses for baking soda.

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