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    • arlenep

      Afro Latina 100%. Panamanian by both parents. I’ve had people ask me to speak spanish to prove i can. Ask what my mother’s maiden name is because my last name is very american sounding (scottish to be exact - thanks slavery!). Not believe that BOTH parents are spanish. Speak to me in english after I’ve spoken to someone with a clearly spanish accent to make THEM comfortable. Tell me my natural hair is messy. Or i should straighten it. Or its more neat that way. Or straight up argue me down that there are black people who speak spanish in multiple countries. Its exhausting to basically defend my existence EVERY DAY. I didn’t grow up with black eyed peas and collard greens. Arroz amarillo con habichuelas, pollo, platanos y ensalada was what I know as soul food. Salsa, not gospel. But that doesn’t make me any less black.

    • arlenep

      #28 and #31 made me laugh out loud at its truth. i’d like to add 5 more: Labor day=west indian day parade, Kings Plaza - the only mall in brooklyn for a LONG time (and the cookie house, where you must get cookies EVERY time you go to KP), Dollar Vans (now $2 Vans), Caesars Bay Bazaar, annndddd our beaches - Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Manhattan Beach.

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