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14 Reasons It Would Be Awesome To Be Batman

As if you didn't know. Your enemies will define you when you become a young, raw, unrefined Batman on his path to becoming the Dark Knight. Go head-to-head with the world's deadliest assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins, in stores 10/25 WORLDWIDE.

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1. Think about it: If you woke up this morning and you were suddenly Batman, you'd have years of martial arts training under your belt.

Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros. / Via

Your limbs would be registered as lethal weapons. That's something you can say at parties.

2. If you chose to speak, people would undoubtedly listen.

3. You'd punch sharks directly in the face and call it a Tuesday.

Batman: The Movie / 20th Century Fox / Via

An uneventful Tuesday, at that.

4. Because you're Batman, gosh dang it, and you'd never run from danger.

Batman / 20th Century Fox / Via


Batman / 20th Century Fox / Jaws / Universal Pictures / Via

Like, seriously, never ever.

Batman / 20th Century Fox / Via

5. Your answer to every question could be "justice," and no one would say boo.

6. Forget about the excruciating 20 minutes you spend on the treadmill two times a week. Crime fighting is your cardio now.

7. To that end, you'd be able to eat whatever you wanted. Vigilante justice burns 800 calories an hour. Look it up.

8. You'd cut your morning routine in half.


Think about it! You'd never miss Jeopardy again.

9. You know that Batman is stupid rich, right? Like, unbelievably rich.

The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

10. Your frenemy group wouldn't be made up of passive-aggressive jerks anymore. They'd be awesome.

The Dark Knighr Rises / Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

11. You'd be a master of quick and effective problem solving.

Batman: The Movie / 20th Century Fox / Via

12. People really underestimate the benefits of a rockin' silhouette. You'd have that covered.

The Dark Knight Rises / Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

13. You'd have a trusty sidekick to back you up, and say weird things.

Batman / 20th Century Fox / Via

What are you even talking about, Robin.

14. Bottom line is — you'd be completely unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. A pretty decent guy.

Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros. Animation / Via

Batman approves.