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15 Struggles Of Being A College Student As Told By Michael Scott

Because who can't relate to MGS

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1. When you start to ramble on the last day of class because you need an A in participation

2. When you do a plagiarism check and realize you may have taken a few too many liberties

3. Walking out of a final you didn't study for

4. When you're forced to stay in on a Saturday night to catch up on work but you see your friends pounding shots on snapchat

5. When you try to act like you are up to date with the tech world to impress a comp sci major

6. When it's finals week and you're ready to just say fuck it

7. When the tequila shot hits

8. Checking your bank account the morning after a night out

9. When you forget about a presentation and have to bullshit you're way through something you know nothing about

10. When your prof says he won't drop the lowest test score

11. When your prof says reading is optional

12. When you have a paper due in the morning and you're not tryna hit the library

13. When you have 3 papers due tomorrow, an exam, 200 pages of reading and you haven't done laundry since 2012

14. When the weakest group member tries to contribute so you attempt to let them down easy

15. When your friends bail on going out after you've already gotten all done up

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