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People On Twitter Are Trolling The Hell Out of Trump Hotels

"My favorite travel memories include all the trips where I wasn't handcuffed or detained at an airport. Thanks for asking!"

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A 2011 tweet by @TrumpHotels was retweeted over the weekend, posing a simple question.

Tell us your favorite travel memory - was it a picture, a souvenir, a sunset? We'd love to hear it!

And everyone from a former refugee to former Second Lady Jill Biden was more than happy to oblige.


@TrumpHotels visiting the Statue of Liberty before your corrupt bankrupt President changed the inscription


When people showed up to airports to protest your owner's xenophobic, unconstitutional #MuslimBan


.@TrumpHotels Well, it certainly wasn't the bed bugs at your Las Vegas property, that's for sure. #BoycottTrump


.@TrumpHotels I'm having my favorite travel moment right now. #NoBanNoWall #RefugeesWelcome


.@TrumpHotels My asylum grant. Thanks for asking


When my husband's family fled the Russian Cossacks. Left everything to escape religious persecution 4 USA. Their so…


@TrumpHotels @nybooks When @realDonaldTrump kicks the bucket, my favorite trip will be visiting his cemetery to literally shit on his grave.


@TrumpHotels @nybooks It was to Syria. In 2010. A beautiful place. A country full of warm, welcoming people who gre…


.@TrumpHotels Bringing my three children home -- two from Korea, one from China -- to become Americans.


@TrumpHotels Been to UAE. Great time. Not on your stupid Muslim ban even tho' they've got Muslims. Oh but you have a hotel there. Got it.


oh thanks for asking @TrumpHotels My day at #turnberry = awesome wifi - great security & knowing Trump was watching…


@TrumpHotels My ancestors came by boat from Ireland. @realDonaldTrump would have said OK because they were white. Shame on his bigotry today


@TrumpHotels Visiting a point on the Iron Curtain, which is now an open border - you don't get shot for trying to c…


@TrumpHotels Mine is staying at the Four Seasons when I travel! impeccable service. Trump hotels are the Motel 6's of fancy hotels. Sad!


@TrumpHotels My grandfathers returning home after fighting in WW2. Glad they are not alive to see Nazis running our country now.


.@TrumpHotels that time in 1638 when my ancestors fled religious persecution in England and helped found this country. PS: Quit your job.


@TrumpHotels My favorite travel memories include all the trips where I wasn't handcuffed or detained at an airport. Thanks for asking!


@TrumpHotels My first drive with my parents to West Germany in 1989, after people tore down a wall instead of putting one up.


@TrumpHotels It was that time this happened.


My grandmother, 17-arduous journey by boat,fleeing after her brother was killed by Russian soldiers.UK refugee camp,then Boston @TrumpHotels


@TrumpHotels When I was able to leave the country and then come back. Also my ancestors coming from Portugal, Uzbekistan, Poland, Russia


@TrumpHotels When my parents left Ireland for a better life here.poor and uneducated +able to find prosperity in an already GREAT America

At least one person had fond memories of visiting a Trump Hotel, though, so maybe it wasn't a complete backfire.


@TrumpHotels when I stopped by the Trump Hotel in D.C. last year.