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    Let's Cast The Inevitable Trump Investigation Movie, Shall We?

    Alas, not a ton of roles for women or people of color. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Obviously Bob Mueller is James Cromwell...

    2. ...and Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin is Emmy-nominee Donald Trump.

    3. Indicted rich man Paul Manafort will be played by beloved man's man Nick Offerman.

    4. Bob Odenkirk, a legend in the comedy world, will play Rick Gates, allegedly of the money-laundering world.

    5. Arrested Development's Tony Hale will play arrested Trump advisor George Papadopoulos.

    6. Steve Carell, who spent 9 years on The Office on NBC, will play Michael Flynn, who spent 24 days in the office at NSA.

    7. Angry man Roger Stone will be played by Mad Man John Slattery.

    8. Jeff Sessions will be played by the late, great Henry Gibson (using CGI à la Peter Cushing in Rogue One).

    9. Hudson Hawk Bruce Willis will play policy hawk Carter Page.

    10. Unqualified host Anna Farris is more than qualified to play Ivanka Trump.

    11. The role of Jared Kushner could be played by James Phelps (if you can handle imagining Fred Weasley as a Slytherin).

    12. Donald Trump Jr., a Gob's Gob, has to be played by Will Arnett.

    13. Steven, the "other" Baldwin, will play Eric, the "other" Trump.

    14. Mario Cantone will make a brief cameo as Anthony Scaramucci, who made a brief cameo as White House press secretary.

    15. Former "wild and crazy guy" Steve Martin plays Mike Pence, who is definitely not wild and technically not crazy.

    16. Corey Stoll will goose-step into the role of Trump advisor and immigration skeptic Stephen Miller.

    17. Trump apologist Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be played by Trump antagonist Rosie O'Donnell.

    18. The aptly named Ron White will play media mastermind, white-rage merchant and alleged self-fellator Steve Bannon.

    19. And Trump attorney and colorful throwback Ty Cobb will play himself.