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    • aristo2014

      Chipotle and its employees are doing something very wrong in North Carolina. The service and the food was so much better in Arizona. I can’t believe the attitudes of these kids who actually have a job. Please do yourselves a favor and Learn Customer Service and Serve correctly. Don’t make me feel like I am being judged when I order my food! I can spend my money any where.. remember that! We understand that Chipotle charges extra for Guacamole and Extra Meat. That isn’t much of a problem considering that the food is supposedly organic and locally grown and raised.. That is what makes Chipotle special but its employees will bring the company down if this rant goes any further. You are really hurting yourselves with this. And I am positive that the company won’t be too thrilled about it. I have had Conversations with an Owner of a Chipotle in NC and a few of the Managers at some establishments with my concerns about how some of their employees seem to give off a sortof arrogance when serving or an “I don’t care” type of attitude.. and that in comparison to Arizona’s Chipotles it is obvious that there needs to be an intervention during training or something. Good Luck Chipotle because I don’t think I want to go back now!

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