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It's Time To Refresh Your Memory On Game Of Thrones

7 season is coming, if you don't remember what was going on in the previous season, there is a good way to refresh your memory.

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Game of Thrones Summary Infographic

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What if TV show characters tracked their time? Maybe they’d spend their time more wisely and get more of their show things done. Besides, we could look at their timesheets and see what they really care about, or why one party won and another one lost, or know why the whole story turned out to be a success or a disaster. Sounds interesting, right?

Game of Thrones timeasheet infographic shows (down to a second!) how much time of each episode your favorite characters spent fighting, mourning, hatching murderous plots, and other exciting stuff. What a great way to refresh your memory of the past events just in time for the upcoming new season (you’re welcome).

Infographics about other characters you can find here.

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