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A Definitive Ranking Of The Members Of Wu-Tang Clan

Straight from the slums of Shaolin, Wu-Tang Clan strikes again

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8. Cappadonna


Technically not an "official" member of the original 8 but was around from the beginning and had a major presence on Only Built 4 Cuban Links, Raekwon's classic debut. His dopest verse was probably on Winter Warz from Ghostface's classic debut, Ironman and was the one in which he really established himself as more of a regular member of the group. Kinda.

7. Old Dirty Bastard/ODB/Dirt McGirt/Ason Unique


RIP. Dirty was brilliant, especially when I go back and really listen to the older joints, especially from his first solo album, Return to the 36 Chambers. Wasn't really feeling the later Roc-A-Fella stuff but its Dirt so you gotta show that respect.

6. Inspectah Deck/Rebel INS


This is where it gets tricky. Deck is a dope emcee, period. Not just for the group but overall. There just happens to be a couple cats who are nicer than he is in his own squad. Plenty of ill verses and memorable lines, though. And he rhymed first on a lot of their songs because of his infectious style.

5. Raekwon/The Chef/Lex Diamonds


The jelly to Ghostface's peanut butter, Raekwon is a master of his style and can make crazy slang over the beat feel like a warm blanket for your ears. Dozens of classic songs and arguably the best solo album from any member in the clan, Only Built 4 Cuban Links.

4. GZA/The Genius


The most critical thinker of the group and had one of the most classic albums in all of Hip Hop history with Liquid Swords. Has a steady, monotone style but with intricate wordplay that keeps you from becoming bored. He earns his name, The Genius, with just about every rhyme he spits and he is literally making an album about space and science called Dark Matter.

3. Ghostface Killah/Tony Starks


The other half of that Raekwon package deal. Ghost is sick. Almost every one of his verses is some sort of story and he's clearly mastered his own 'fly slang' style that, to be completely honest, I don't always fully comprehend but that sounds tight as hell. The most classic albums by anyone in the group and proving over time to be the most prolific.

2. Method Man/Mef/Johnny Blaze


Usually recognized as the best emcee of the bunch and by far the most charismatic. Unique and sing-y rhyme style, best exemplified when yelling his catchphrase 'ticaaaaaaaaal'. Not as many classic albums as Ghostface but just as many memorable verses, if not more. His live performances with Redman are possibly the most entertaining shows in Hip Hop and he is still going as hard as when they first came out.

1. RZA/Rzarector/Bobby Digital


The Architect. The Abbot. Rza was the mastermind of the whole Wu-Tang situation and the common denominator in bringing everyone together. Not always the illest emcee but has plenty of clever lines and classic verses and he has made some of the dopest beats known to the art form while being a pioneer of using samples with singing voices throughout the entire beat and not just on the hook. Recognized as the 'head' of the Wu-Tang body by the other members, he basically has to be number one

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