17 Reasons Why Our Daddy Is The Best Daddy

Just in time for Father’s Day, 2013!

1. #1 From when you first became a daddy…

2. You’ve been such a rock for our family

3. #2 You’ve been our pillow

5. …after time…

6. …after time.

7. #3 You work hard to look after us…

8. #4 You carry us when we need a lift…

9. … (or so we can see better!)…

10. #5 You teach us about the rules of zombie invasions

(and inappropriate movies!)

11. #6 You give us a push when we need it

12. #7 You show us how to paint

14. #8 You teach us about music…

(It’s surfing. I like surfing)

15. #9 You keep us cool in the pool

16. #10 You show us how to dig for treasure

Rocks count, right?

17. #11 You allow yourself to be the princess to our dinosaurs

18. #12 You feed us….

… even if we’re not thrilled about WHAT you feed us…

19. #13 And you help out fellow dads

20. #14 You make the best lunches!

21. #15 You make us laugh

Father’s Day 2010

23. #16 You made us, the adorable babies

Father’s Day 2011

Father’s Day 2012

25. #17 But most of all…. We just adore having you around!

Funny faces and all!

26. Happy Father’s Day to our favourite Daddy!

Thank you for being the very best Daddy in the world. We love you so much!

Love, O & A

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