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Would You Rather With Lucy Fry And Zoey Deutch

The Vampire Academy stars dropped by BuzzFeed to play a round of Would You Rather. Team Dimitri or Team Christian?

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Would you rather be a Moroi or a dhampir?

Lucy Fry: Moroi.

Zoey Deutch: Dhampir. I don't want powers.

You just want to be a badass?

ZD: Not even that, it's just you only gave me two options and I'd rather be a human because I feel like every single supernatural story is about how they were better off before and that's too much of a burden.

Would you rather only be able to eat bacon or Nutella for the rest of your life?

ZD: Bacon IN Nutella.

LF: I don't know, I would be kind of depressed with both. Nutella?

ZD: That's a difficult question because both are bad for you.

LF: I'll take the nuts out of Nutella and eat the nuts for the rest of my life.

ZD: And I'll take the pig and have it be my friend.


Would you rather date Christian or Dimitri in real life?

ZD: Dimitri.

LF: In real life? Dimitri.

What intrigues you about Dimitri?

ZD: He's a man!

LF: Yeah! In real life, I need a man.

Poor Christian.

LF: He's a man too.

ZD: He's a boy! Christian's a boy, Dimitri's a man. So in a lot of ways that's great for the movie because it has something for the parents and something for the teens.

LF: Yeah, like the character of Christian will appeal to teenage girls, they will love him. And the girls who are ready for a man crush will go for Dimitri.


Would you rather be a spirit user or a fire user?

ZD: Spirit!

LF: Spirit!

What would you do with spirit?

LF: I would heal people.

ZD: Well, I would manipulate everyone into loving me. (laughs) No, I have no idea.

LF: Lissa, if she could use the powers without hurting herself, would heal as many people as she could and I feel the same.

ZD: (points at Lucy) Good human.

Would you rather live without internet or cheese?

LF: Again, not attached to either.

ZD: I am! This is crazy; this is insane. Those are my two biggest addictions.

LF: I'd rather live without internet.

ZD: AH! OMG I need internet. No cheese please.

Would you rather go to a bar with Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson?

ZD: Jennifer Lawrence!

LF: Jennifer Lawrence.

ZD: Actually, no. I'm going to say Emma Watson because she's the OG YA. I love her, and she went to Brown. Yeah.

LF: What's OG YA?

ZD: Original gangster young adult.

(everyone laughs)


What you rather be able to teleport or have healing powers?

LF: Oh no! Because teleporting can save you.

ZD: I'm thinking more about food.

LF: Can you teleport to outer space?



(everyone laughs)

ZD: OK we've got a deal!