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What's Your Go-To Healthy Power Snack At College?

Tell us about your healthy brain food!

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College can be amazing, but it can also be overwhelming and hard AF when it comes to your course load.

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But there's one thing you can depend on to make you feel better: FOOD.

And healthy power snacks are the perfect solution for when you need energy or focus.

Like these veggies with avocado dill dip.
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Maybe you get your fix with a sweet snack like frozen blueberry yogurt bites.

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Perhaps you go simple, like apple slices and raw almonds.

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Maybe you're all about that banana and peanut butter combo.

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Or maybe you like to go the savory, high-protein route.

Like with these Cucumber Smoked Salmon Rounds.
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So tell us: What's your favorite go-to healthy power snack? Submit your comment in the dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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