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    9 Ways To Take A Celebrity Selfie As Shown On The "Romeo And Juliet" Red Carpet

    Selfies never looked so good.

    1. Work your angles with a smoldering stare for dramatic effect.

    2. Position yourself in the corner of your pic if you want to show off your surroundings.

    3. Go for a tilt snap to let everyone know you're having a real fun time.

    4. Make funny IDGAF faces because you're cool and down-to-earth.

    5. When in doubt, put up a peace sign.

    6. Or you could channel your inner Lady Gaga and put your paws up.

    7. Or you could rock out.

    8. Grab someone and do a double selfie to liven things up.

    9. Or take a really awesome pic in which someone photobombs you and gets you a ton of comments and likes.

    You can catch Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad in Broadway's Romeo and Juliet now. More info here.

    All images by BuzzFeed