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29 Impossibly Creative Ways To Completely Transform Your Walls

Add a little personality to your rooms.

1. Use colored pencils as wall art.

2. Make a DIY wood paneled headboard for your bed.

3. Create amazing string art to add a little colorful inspiration.

4. Add a tree branch decal for a spring feel.

5. Use several canvases to connect and make one piece of art.

6. Create geometric wall art with hexagon boxes.

7. Fold sheets of paper to make a unique piece of art.

8. Create an easy DIY polka dot wall.

9. Use wood and paint to create an ombre chevron print.

10. Turn paint swatches into a decorative piece.

11. Expand the paint on the walls to the ceiling for a visually appealing effect.

12. Use old CD cases and insert your own pictures to make your own work of art.

13. Use painters tape to make interesting patterns.

14. Or mix it up with a multitude of colors.

15. Use multiple items to make a different kind of book shelf.

16. Use styrofoam and fabric to make customized canvases.

17. Create a silhouette portraits for a unique spin on a family tree.

18. Use paper streamers for a fun and easy photo backdrop in your home.

19. Use cardstock paper to create fish scale-type art.

20. Use masking tape to create a skyline headboard.

21. Use shoe boxes or wood boxes and patterned paper to make shelves.

22. Create constellation art with string lights and a canvas.

23. Give your room the honeycomb treatment.

24. Try putting inspirational messages on clipboards and hanging them on the wall.

25. Paint coffee stirrers and glue them to a board or canvas.

26. Save your wine corks and glue them together to create a DIY cork board.

27. Instead of hanging pictures in frames, use washi tape to make a customized frame.

28. You can create oversized paper snowflakes for a winter wonderland feel.

29. Use colored paper to create a chained wall backdrop.

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