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17 Things To Look For At Toy Story Land In Disney World

Andy's backyard is unbelievably cute.

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1. First thing to know is that this is Andy's backyard, so everything is created as if Andy himself was playing with his toys and building a land.

2. As you get deeper into the area, everything else gets bigger. The perspective is made to make you believe you're a toy and you're small.


4. At the Slinky Dog ride, there's a dog tag as the stand-by entrance. On the back of it is Buster's name and Andy's home address.

5. Also on Slinky Dog is a price tag for Rex at Al's Toy Barn.

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And $19.95 = 1995 = the year the first movie was released.

6. The bathrooms have the Game of Cootie. Get it?? Because bathrooms are gross and have cooties.


13. Even though there's not an actual Pizza Planet, there's plenty of references to it on the ride.

14. They built an entire new entrance to Toy Story Mania and plan to close the original entrance.

15. On Slinky Dog, there's instructions to how Slinky works.