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    14 Times Brands Showed Their Sassy Side On Twitter

    Give these social media managers a raise. Especially Taco Bell.

    1. That time Smart Car proved they are mathematical geniuses.

    2. When AMC called out Oreo for breaking the rules.

    3. When Sega wished to go back in time.

    4. That time Old Spice stirred the pot with Taco Bell, and then Taco Bell did it right back.

    5. When the Dallas Stars delivered this sick burn.

    6. When O2 gave zero fucks.

    7. That time Deadspin had a little unchecked aggression.

    8. When Wake County Schools threw some shade at this student.

    9. That time Taco Bell insulted Karen Smith.

    10. When Betfair Poker tweeted their opinion on a popular TV show.

    11. When Grand West found the apostrophe.

    Twitter: @GrandWestSA

    "We managed to track down the missing apostrophes. It came out in the interrogation that they just needed a break. We are glad to report that after some R and R they are ready to get back to work between the T and S. Thank you Jason Elk, we could not have done it without you."

    12. When Charmin gave some solid advice to Rob Delaney.

    13. That time The White House publicly shamed Bo.

    14. And when Taco Bell fired shots at BuzzFeed.