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This Dog Is Really Good At Balancing Food On His Head

Talk about self-control. Found via the Stuff on Scout's Head tumblr.

This is Scout, a pitbull who really enjoys balancing things on his head. It all started with a roll of toilet paper and then progressed into food such as...

1. Cupcakes.

2. Beets.

3. Sushi.

4. Tacos.

5. Bacon.

6. Fried chicken.

7. A deli sandwich.

8. Strawberries.

9. Goldfish.

10. Ramen.

11. Oreos.

12. Asparagus.

13. Beverages.

14. Fries.

15. Donuts.

16. Pizza.

17. Pancakes.

18. And burgers.

BONUS: A paint bucket.

Board games.

A giant bone.

A stuffed animal fish.

And a laptop.

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H/T Distractify.