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This 2-Year-Old Girl And Her Dad Are Better Cheerleaders Than You’ll Ever Be

You may have seen a vine of this little girl flipping on the beach. That's not even the best of it.

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This is Emerson, a 2-year-old girl who does badass stunts with her dad.

Here she is starting out when she was just a baby.

In this move, she dives to the floor (and you probably scream), and then she pops back up into a liberty.

She practices on the beach (like most cheerleaders).

And shows off her skills at the park.

Here she is in Times Square, impressing people left and right.

Sometimes dad flips her around, and then she literally plunges facedown into the floor. *faints*

Emerson is also learning her tosses.

Basically, she is every cheer coach's dream.

Because her talent and attitude are unparalleled. *flips hair*

Did we mention mom is a cheerleader too?

Can't wait to see what she does in the future!

You can follow Emerson on Instagram here.

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