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11 Things You Won't See In The Movie Adaptation Of "Maze Runner"

While Dylan O'Brien and the cast killed it on screen, there was A LOT left out from the James Dashner novel. SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY.

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Let me just preface this by saying that I actually loved The Maze Runner books and I thought the movie was fun and exciting. Dylan O'Brien was the perfect Thomas, Blake Cooper was a surprisingly funny Chuck, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster made me love Newt even more than I already do.

However, the movie is more like loosely based on James Dashner's novel. It was still a good film, but they changed a ton from the books. Here's just a few things I noticed.


If you did not read the book and don't want spoilers, stop reading right now. You have been warned.

1. Thomas and Teresa's telepathy.

Yep, that's right, no telepathy. They don't have internal telepathic convos and their overall confusing but very real chemistry is overlooked. Non-readers can tell there's something between the pair, but it's not as developed without their special communication technique.


2. Teresa's knowledge of the Glade, the Maze, and Thomas.

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When Teresa arrives to the Glade, she says Thomas' name, but she doesn't know that much about him. Without the whole telepathy thing, she doesn't reveal things to Thomas before she wakes up from her coma. She's just as in the dark as most people and there's basically no warning from her about all the changes coming to the Glade.

“It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.”

3. Gally's memory of Thomas.

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When Thomas arrives to the Glade, Gally automatically takes a disliking to him. He had previously been stung by a Griever and got some memories back, which involved Thomas. He had seen him before and knew that somehow the maze was all his fault.

In the movie, no one had ever been stung by a Griever and therefore no one had memories of their life before the Glade. When Ben got stung later on, they also didn't have any serum to treat him and he went crazy, forcing Alby and Co. to banish him. Eventually we learn that Teresa had two vials of serum in her pocket when she arrived (one used for Alby and the other for Thomas).

4. An angry and villainous Alby.


From the beginning of the book, it's pretty clear that Alby is quite unpleasant and not the biggest fan of Thomas. He blames Thomas for the series of interesting events and it's only made worse after Alby is stung.

In the movie, he's friendly toward Thomas and the whole dynamic of their relationship is different. It almost seems like he's closer to Alby than Newt.

5. The cliff.

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As readers know, the maze appears to be some floating, secluded area that is used for a W.I.C.K.E.D. experiment, and the cliff is a black abyss that leads to the Grievers' home.

In the movie, there's no cliff, and the "Griever Hole" is actually a new area they discover in the maze after stealing a tracking device from a dead Griever. The tracker is the only way to access the hole, which is why they never found it before.


6. Maps and letter codes of the maze.

In the book, there's a whole scene about the runners making maps of the maze, it repeating itself, and then Thomas figuring out that the maze is actually a code. They take wax paper and trace over all the maps to come up with a series of words that they later use to get out of the maze (FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, and PUSH).

In the movie, the code is just a series of numbers, which is the way the sections of the maze are repeated in sequence when the walls move.

7. Gray ceilings and the "trigger" Teresa set off.

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Shit definitely goes down the moment Thomas and Teresa enter the Glade, but she doesn't set off the trigger that rids them of the sun and stops all the supplies from coming.

8. A controlled nightly Griever Glade raid.

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In the book, after the trigger goes off, the maze doors don't close and the Grievers take one person every night until everyone dies or they find a way out.

In the movie, the Grievers attack the Gladers all at once, killing at least half the camp. It's weird though because when they eventually plan to leave, it's really only main characters left to go through the Griever Hole and defeat all the killing machine creatures. I wonder how this will play out in the next movie.

9. Gally's disappearance and abduction.


You know that time Gally just randomly disappeared for days and people thought he was dead? And then he came back only to go insane and be taken by a Griever? And then we found out he didn't die and that he was with the Creators?

Well, none of that happens. Gally is still a snot-nosed prick and he still pulls the trigger at the end, but it's not at the hands of the Creators.


10. Alby and Thomas' memories after the Changing.

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In the movie, we don't get a glimpse of Alby's memory at all and there's no mention of the Flare (until the end).

For Thomas, they quickly go through a flash of his memories, but nothing very detailed. We don't learn about where their names originated (Thomas for Thomas Edison, Newt for Sir Isaac Newton, etc), how to escape (because they scratched the maps and codes part), or why they had a Griever kill one boy per night (they killed that scene for the movie).

The Maze Runner hits theaters Sept. 19.

You should still see it!