17 Things You Took For Granted In College

Have they invented a time machine yet? Because I would like to go back.

1. Being able to take a nap during the day, any day, just because you felt like it.

After college: Spend your free time on the weekends taking multiple naps because you can’t relax for another five days.

2. Making your own schedule, which allowed you to take off Fridays or start classes at noon.

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After college: Work from 9 a.m.–5 p.m., attempt to go the gym after work, realize it’s too busy to even claim a machine, say “fuck it,” and watch Netflix at home until you fall asleep.

3. Getting free (or at least cheap) student section tickets to football games.


After college: Pray you can find an alumni bar and then cry when you realize you will never be a student again.

4. Living so close to your friends.

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After college: “We should definitely Skype soon!”

5. Having the tolerance to handle several nights out drinking.

After college: I brunched too hard and even though it’s only 3 p.m. on Sunday, I will probably call in sick tomorrow from being too hungover.

6. Getting a THREE-MONTH summer vacation.

After college: Vacation? LOL you mean that week where I take “off” from work and then check my email incessantly?

7. Being able to wear whatever you want to campus/class.

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After college: Actually have to look like a professional for work.

8. Getting student discounts.

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9. Having the option to live abroad for a few months at a decent price.

After college: MAYBE I’ll travel in a few years when I have more vacation days. And money.

10. A town filled with college drink specials.

After college: Unintentionally spend half of your paycheck on alcohol.

11. Having endless opportunities to meet new people.

After college: New friends consist of coworkers and friends of friends.

12. Having endless opportunities to date/hook up with new people.

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After college: * Swipe left on Tinder *

13. Eating whatever you want with little to no consequences.

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After college: Crap, I should eat a salad so my doctor doesn’t scorn me.

14. Not having to worry about filing taxes or a 401(k).

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After college: I still don’t understand how a 401(k) works. * calls parents for help *

15. Spring break.

After college: Liking everyone’s beach pictures on Instagram.

16. Having the ability to pull an all-nighter.

After college: NOPE.

17. Having an idea of what you want to do after college.

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After college: Fuck.

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