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13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Hocus Pocus"

Such a classic.

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5. During "I Put A Spell On You," Bette Midler makes a reference to the movie Gypsy.


In Hocus Pocus she says, "Hello, Salem! My name's Winifred! What's yours?" and during "Rose's Turn" in Gypsy she says, "Hello, everybody! My name is Rose! What's yours?"

8. It was revealed that Sarah Jessica Parker is a descendant from Esther Elwell, who was accused in the Salem witch trials of the late 1600s.

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SJP plays a Salem witch of 1693 and Esther was was arrested in 1692 for committing "sundry acts of witchcraft" and choking a neighbor to death.


All facts via IMdB.