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19 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Disney Pixar's "UP"

Wait, HOW many balloons does it take to lift a house?!

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1. The heartbreaking and memorable beginning of the movie almost wasn't.

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The first storyboarded version had Ellie and Carl punching each other, and when the writers presented it, they were left with silence.

You can watch the original beginning (starts at the 3:35 mark) here, but it will still make you cry, so grab tissues.


19. And last but not least, a replica of Ellie and Carl's house (inside and out) was built in Utah for an asking price of almost $400,000.

Bangerter Homes got permission by Disney to build it. You can watch more about it here.

A couple also took anniversary pictures here and it is the CUTEST THING EVER.