19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Pixar’s "UP"

Wait, HOW many balloons does it take to lift a house?!

1. The heartbreaking and memorable beginning of the movie almost wasn’t.

Disney Pixar / pixar.com

The first storyboarded version had Ellie and Carl punching each other, and when the writers presented it, they were left with silence.

You can watch the original beginning (starts at the 3:35 mark) here, but it will still make you cry, so grab tissues.

2. Young Ellie is voiced by the daughter of the film’s director, Pete Docter — and her name is also Ellie.

Disney Pixar

3. It took three days to get to Angel Falls and Mount Roraima, the inspiration for Paradise Falls.

Disney Pixar

Janne HAmAlAinen / thinkstockphotos.com


They took an airplane to another airplane, to a jeep, to a helicopter, back to a jeep, and then trekked out.

4. Russell was originally named Lewis, but the story team changed it to avoid confusion with the Meet the Robinsons character.

Disney Pixar / cinemablend.com

5. One alternate ending included Muntz chasing the bird in the labyrinth, getting fooled by a balloon animal, and then getting lost forever.

Disney Pixar / pixar.com Of/node/3882

6. The other alternate ending had Muntz being fooled by a balloon bird in the house and then having the dogs run in and tip the house over the edge of a cliff.

Disney Pixar / pixar.com Of/node/3882

7. Pixar had real ostriches on the animation campus for inspiration when designing Kevin.

8. There are 10,286 balloons attached to the house.

Disney Pixar

Pixar calculated that it would actually take more than 25 million balloons to lift the house.

9. There’s a postcard addressed to Carl and Ellie pinned to Andy’s wall in Toy Story 3.

Disney Pixar / educ.dab.uts.edu.au

10. There were 70 different iterations of Kevin and she was voiced by eight sounds.

Disney Pixar / interesting6.com

Some parts were voiced by director Pete Docter.

11. Charles Muntz was designed by a mix of Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, and Walt Disney.

Disney Pixar

12. The Alpha Dogs are shaped like bullets and heat-seeking missiles.

Disney Pixar

Their names are Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

13. Dug is a mixture of a golden retriever and a lab.

He is also the only dog of Muntz not named after a Greek letter.

14. Russell was heavily influenced by story artist Peter Sohn.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Disney Pixar


15. To make Russell sound more natural, voice actor Jordan Nagai would sometimes run around before saying a line.

Disney Pixar / pixar.com

16. Several of the drawings from Ellie’s Adventure Book were drawn by the director’s daughter.

Disney Pixar

17. The courtroom Carl reports to is A113, an inside joke among Pixar animators that refers to a classroom at California Institute of the Arts.

Disney Pixar

It’s where many Pixar alum attended school.

18. The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story appears several times throughout UP.


19. And last but not least, a replica of Ellie and Carl’s house (inside and out) was built in Utah for an asking price of almost $400,000.

Bangerter Homes got permission by Disney to build it. You can watch more about it here.

A couple also took anniversary pictures here and it is the CUTEST THING EVER.

In conclusion: I will be watching UP tonight.

Disney Pixar

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