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16 Things We Learned From The "Homeland" Season 3 Trailer

Is it Sept. 29 yet?

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1. The Carrie cry face is back in action.

2. And it appears she's doing some crazy extensive investigating on the bombings from the Season 2 finale.

3. Probably trying to prove Brody's innocence.

But, is he even innocent?

4. Carrie and Saul are testifying about the terrorist attack.

5. And she is likely on the edge of another mental breakdown.

6. While Saul is stressed and probably mourning the loss of his colleagues.

7. Brody is injured.

8. Like, gun shot wound blood everywhere kind of injured.

9. And he has a shiny bald head.

10. His family is being harassed by the media.

11. And Dana's acting out, taking naked selfies.

12. She also might be converting to Islam?

13. Or perhaps trying to make a connection with her father.

14. Carrie's in the hospital.

15. Once again, ugly crying.

16. And Saul is there to console her.

Basically, it's going to be an emotional season.

Watch the full trailer here:

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