19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored

    When there's nothing else to do, your iOS will be there. Inspired by this Quora thread.

    1. When you're pondering the important questions in life:

    2. After you've watched the movie Her:

    3. If you're a little worried about the future:

    4. When you need help with homework:

    5. If you have that song stuck in your head:

    6. Or you're trying to figure out who sang that song:

    7. When you're exchanging tales at a midnight bonfire:

    8. If you want to know the state of your favorite sports team:

    9. When you're feeling frisky:

    10. Maybe too frisky...

    11. When you're too drunk to drunk-text:

    12. If you're feeling philosophical:

    13. If you're siri-ously curious about your operating system:

    14. When you're having a quarter-life crisis:

    15. When you want to have pillow talk:

    16. If you're wondering how reliable your phone is:

    17. When you feel like trolling:

    18. If you're trying to get to know your iOS:

    19. And when you're just trying to get a laugh:

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