21 Things That Seem Like A Good Idea When You’re Drunk

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

1. Getting a tattoo you wouldn’t normally appreciate.

2. Blowing up a hot air balloon inside your house.

3. Running across incoming traffic.

4. Mac n’ cheese tacos.

Actually, this is a great idea. Bravo, sir.

5. Letting your friend style your hair.

6. Catching some waves at the beach.

7. Installing a security system for your car.

8. Late night online shopping.

9. Pizza and cookies.

10. Pretending you live in a world where Pokemon exist.

11. Hooking up with a random stranger.

Until you do that walk of shame the next morning.

12. Shoving things in your mouth.

13. Kicking down the door like they do in movies.

14. Dancing on a pole.

17. Hanging out with your boss.

18. Facebooking your feels.

19. Tipping a little too generously.

20. Kicking and screaming on a flight.

Until the entire plane rallies against you and ties you up to your seat.

21. Falling asleep at a house party.

People can’t resist pranking a drunk person.

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