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19 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Florida

The struggle is real.

1. The perfection that is Cuban coffee is very rare and something you will likely never taste again after moving from Florida.

2. And these are way harder to find than your heart can handle.

3. Ceiling fans are not a widespread thing throughout the country.

4. Nor is central AC.

5. You can't find this at your local grocery store.

6. Nor the amazingness that is Publix subs.


8. Basically the so-called "Cuban food" anywhere else will just make you cry.

9. Apparently Zephyrhills is only a Florida thing.

10. And the same goes for seeing ducks waddle around on your driveway.

11. You can't go to your friends' houses expecting them to have a backyard pool.

12. When it rains, it rains all day long, not just for 15 minutes at 3 p.m.

13. Parallel parking is a real thing that exists.

14. And people have no idea what chongas are.

15. You actually have to adjust to real seasons, not just different measurements of "hot."

16. And snow shoveling is not something you just see in movies. You actually have to spend an ungodly amount of time getting the snow off your car/driveway.

17. Everyone absolutely loses their shit over a Category 1-3 hurricane.

18. And everyone makes fun of you when you freak out over your first blizzard.

19. But worst of all, no one tells you how much you'll miss these sunsets.