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    The Most Memorable Chrismukkah Moments From "The O.C." Ranked From Worst To Best

    "It's the new holiday, Ryan, and it's sweeping the nation. Or at least this living room."

    25. The entire Season 4 Chrismukkah episode.

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    Season: 4 (The Chrismukk-huh?)

    This was the episode in which Taylor and Ryan fall off a ladder and wake up in an alternate universe. When Ryan sees how different life would be without him, he realizes Marissa would have died in Tijuana if not for him. Sure, the episode helps him let go of Marissa's tragic death, but she never should have died in the first place. She wasn't even that great a character but it was nonetheless the show's demise.

    *It would also be hard to rank moments from this episode since the events technically aren't real.

    24. The first time Marissa meets Oliver.

    23. When Caleb admitted to his "error in judgement" with Renee Wheeler, revealing he is Lindsay's biological father.

    22. When Johnny Harper tried to rob the convenience store.

    21. That time Marissa opened a bottle of vodka in the car.

    20. Jimmy and Julie's rekindled romance.

    19. When Kirsten totally lost her shit.

    18. Marissa's five-finger discount incident at the mall.

    17. The beginning of a Julie/Kiki BFF relationship.

    16. The beginning of Julie Cooper-Nichol and Neil Roberts.

    15. Seth's really depressing Bar Mitzvah video.

    14. Summer's touching moment with her dad.

    13. The battle to be Seth's girlfriend.

    12. When Kirsten gave Sandy the evidence he needed to take down Caleb.

    11. The really cute mall montage with Marissa and Ryan.

    10. When Ryan convinced Kirsten to come out of hiding.

    9. Anna's Chrismukkah gift to Seth.

    8. When Summer kissed Cohen under the mistletoe.

    7. When Sandy paid Caleb $1 for Balboa Heights.

    6. When Seth first introduced us to the most wonderful holiday of all time.

    5. Everyone dancing to "That's What Friends Are For" at Ryan's Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah.

    4. When the Cohens + Marissa + Summer decorated Lindsay's house for Chrismukkah.

    3. The YAMACLAUS.

    2. When Ryan hung up his stocking.

    1. Summer's Wonder Woman outfit.