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The Most German Things That Ever Happened

So. Much. Beer.

1. This run-in with the cops:

2. This license plate:

3. This soap dispenser:

4. This pop-up shop:

5. This keg:

6. This currywurst:

7. This angry ex:

Translation: "'Here is your share of the car.' — Your ex"

8. This tall glass of beer:

9. This headline:

10. This honest homeless man:


1) For more beer

2) For wine

3) At least we're honest

4) For whiskey

5) For the hangover

11. This invention:

Translation: "Show your tits."

12. This father:

13. This competitive race:

14. This foosball table:

15. This story:

16. This sign: / Via

Translation: "We apologize for this shit."

17. This bottle of alcohol that costs less than a bottle of water:

18. This mode of transportation:

19. This tank speed limit sign:

20. This toilet:

Yes, you can play futbol with your urine.

21. This citizen:

22. This breaking news:

23. This group of friends:

24. This food cart:

25. This car:

26. And this sled race: