The Difference Between Dogs And Cats

One rules, one DGAF.

1. Dogs: when their best friend comes home after six months.


3. Dogs: when they’re taking a bath.

5. Dogs: going for a car ride.

7. Rubbing a dog’s belly:

8. Rubbing a cat’s belly:

10. Cats getting kisses:

11. When dogs do something wrong:


13. The first search term for dogs on Google:

15. Dogs: hanging out with their species.

16. Cats:


17. Dogs: interrupting humans.

19. Petting a dog:

20. Petting a cat:

21. A dog’s favorite toy:

22. A cat’s favorite toy:

23. Dogs hanging out:


24. Cats hanging out:


25. Dogs: playing under bed sheets.

26. Cats: attacking the bed sheets.


27. Dogs, essentially:

28. Cats:


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