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    17 Times The Internet Understood The Diet Struggle

    Me: I'll start on Monday! *A week goes by* Me: I'll start on Monday!

    1. When you vow to start on Monday and inhale everything in your pantry the night before.

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    You know, to "get rid of the bad food."

    2. When it's Day 1 and you already want to give up and have unlimited pizza.

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    3. When your expectations fall too damn short.

    4. When you attempt to take "baby steps."

    5. When you actually go to the gym, but think about what food you can "afford to eat" after burning some calories.

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    6. Or when you reward yourself for having a salad for lunch.

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    7. When you try that low-carb thing and immediately regret your life choices.

    8. When you severely underestimate when tracking your food intake but kind of DGAF.

    9. When you try to eat clean, but then realize that involves cooking and cleaning and basically too much effort.

    10. When you've done well all day, but then dinner rolls around and you suddenly become a human garbage disposal.

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    11. When you're sick of brown rice and vegetables and you're thinking about hitting the drive-thru.

    12. When you make a plan before going to a restaurant, and then quickly forget the plan as soon as your food comes out.

    13. When you get stressed and you heal in the only way you know how.

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    14. When you're eating healthy but you're also eating two pounds of fruit.

    Me: *on a diet* * working out* * trying to eat healthy* Also me:* eats enough food to feeda…

    15. When your diet game is on point but then Carol brings cookies to the office and suddenly you've forgotten how to control yourself.

    Me on a diet: "OMG you resisted eating junk food the whole day omg you deserve a reward here have a whole bar of ch…

    16. When you find a way to fit candy in your macros because life is short.

    17. And when you give in to dessert, tell yourself you'll start your diet tomorrow, and repeat the entire cycle until you die.