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The Cast Of "Something Rotten" Plays Broadway Word Association

So what does the cast think of Christian Borle's arms?

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In one of the funniest shows to grace Broadway since Book of Mormon, Something Rotten is stealing the Great White Way with its stellar cast, hilarious wit, and killer choreography. In a very meta move, the 10-time Tony-nominated musical is about the very first musical, set in Shakespearian times. The main trio from the cast — John Cariani, Brian d'Arcy James, and Christian Borle — stopped by BuzzFeed NY to play a game of Broadway Word Association. Here's what the guys had to say:


John Cariani: 10!

Christian Borle: Spins! It spins.

JC: [Points to colleagues] Nominated, nominated.

Brian d’Arcy James: It’s just a busy, wonderful time.



BDJ: Hack!

JC: Beautiful.

CB: Fraud!

JC: Human!


CB: Fluffy!

BDJ: Underrated.

CB: Goosebumps.

JC: Cheddar.



CB: Wildly-successful! That’s hyphenated.

BDJ: Taking the subway to your TV job — amazing!

JC: June 8.

BDJ: He’s plugging it.

CB: Great plug.


BDJ: Megan Hilty! And Katharine McPhee!

All: (laughs)

Good save.

CB: But in that order!

BDJ: I can’t remember.

CB: Um, extravaganza!

JC: Smash.

CB: Way to bring it back around.

Shakespeare in the Park:

JC: Free.

BDJ: Raul Julia.

CB: Oooh, goosebumps! Umm, humid!

Kristin Chenoweth:


JC: Funny, funny, funny.

CB: Gloves, recently.

BDJ: Perfect.

CB: Ooh. God, yes. Ever the diplomat.

BDJ: She’s just perfect.

Alan Cumming:

JC: Scary in Cabaret, it was awesome. In a good way.

CB: Musty.

BDJ: Timeless. He’s never going to go away.

CB: Oh, that’s what timeless means!

BDJ: Oh, man. (laughs)

Acceptance speech:


JC: Scary, scary.

CB: Short.

BDJ: Unprepared.

Losing face:

BDJ: Here it is.


CB: Stuffed.

BDJ: Underrated.

All: (laughs)

JC: Conversation piece.

Broadway Queen:

JC: We can say anybody?


CB: Broadway Queen is different from the Queen of Broadway, right?

BDJ: Your answer will determine what it is.

CB: Broadway Queen... Chita Rivera!

BDJ: Helen Mirren, literal and figurative.

JC: Kelli O’Hara.

CB: Doug Sills. Nononononono. (laughs)


CB: Mythic.

BDJ: Standard-bearer.

JC: My first Broadway show.


CB: What does that mean?

BDJ: Rebirth, I think.

CB: Boom!

BDJ: That was it for us.


BDJ: Can’t decide. GET IT?

CB: Just blew my mind. That’s a good one.

JC: Psychology.

CB: I’ve got nothing.


CB: Showstopper.

BDJ: I’m thinking way too hard about this.

New York:

BDJ: Home.

CB: Diverse. That was a real serious one. Sometimes I just take it way down. You think it’s going to be something antic, but it is just full of truth.

JC: The greatest.

CB: Fragrant.

JC: Humid.

New Jersey:

BDJ: Tolls.

CB: I’m going to go with greenery.

JC: I was going to say farms.

CB: Nice optimistic, lovely takes on New Jersey. Some people talk about the smell; not us. Didn’t even bring it up.

All: (laughs)

Christian Borle’s arms:

CB: Jesus. I can’t believe we’re going there.

It’s an internet sensation.

CB: [Turns to colleagues] Careful.

JC: They’re fine.

CB: Great, that’s good.

BDJ: Limbs?

CB: Factual.

BDJ: That’s what they are!

Jazz hands:

You can see this hilarious trio in their show Something Rotten at the St. James theater!

You can also see them on the Tony Awards on CBS June 7 at 8 p.m. ET/7 CT.








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