The 36 Best Eric Northman Moments From "True Blood"

    We wanna do bad things to you.

    Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. If you did not watch the season finale of True Blood, proceed with caution.

    If you're all caught up from last night's finale, you may have noticed Eric's casual vacay in Sweden. As Eric did some light reading in the daylight, Warlow was killed and all the vampires who consumed his magic faerie blood were transformed back to normal, which caused Eric to BURN on the mountain. It's unclear whether or not he dies, but we're willing to bet Pam is going to save him or something else totally crazy. But should our favorite Viking vamp disappear from the series forever, here's a tribute to his best moments on the show.

    First, play a little music.

    1. That time he dressed like this to meet the Governor.

    2. When he laid in these silky sheets and blessed Sookie with his kiss.

    3. When Eric gave Willa a reassuring look right before turning her into a vamp.

    4. That time he just didn't give a fuck.

    5. And when he made this face.

    6. That time Arlene's kids were chilling at Fangtasia.

    7. When he asked Jason if he could drive.

    8. Basically anytime he shows his fangs.

    9. That time we were blessed by this incredible view.

    10. When Eric wore a dress and jewelry while holding a gun.

    11. When he almost got sentimental.

    12. That time Eric was done with Lilith's shit.

    13. When he sassed the hell out of everyone.

    14. When he dropped this line.

    15. The time he forgot Sookie's name and didn't even care.

    16. THIS:

    17. When Eric got flashbacks to his Vikings days.

    18. The time he got in touch with his spiritual side.

    19. When Eric got all sappy and you wished he was actually real and speaking directly to you.

    20. That time he was totally creepin' at the graveyard.


    22. When he showed his clingy side.

    23. Every time he adorably apologized.

    24. When he had resting bitch face.

    25. When he leaned over a little bit and you witnessed the majestic creases in his abs.

    26. That time he lovingly kissed Pam and all you ever wanted was for them to be together.

    27. The time he killed some jackass and got nervous about his 'do.

    28. When he sat on his fancy throne and looked directly into your soul.

    29. That time we saw a more vulnerable side to Eric.

    30. When he casually sunbathed naked in the snow.


    32. That time he appreciated Pam's fashion sense.

    33. When he got hot and heavy with Talbot.

    34. The time he mocked Bill for being the WORST.

    35. When he only wore tracksuits.

    36. And when we were plagued with the question of Eric's existence in seasons to come.