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    Proof That Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Are Officially America's Newest Sweethearts

    How well does the ice-skating commentating duo actually know each other?

    Hello. This is Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, the figure skating commentating duo who won our hearts with their fashion and friendship chemistry.

    The Queens came to BuzzFeed to play the BFF game and it was obviously incredible. Can you guess how they did?

    Background: The way the BFF Game works is that we ask a question about one of them, and then they both write down what they think the answer is. Once they flip the page and reveal, we see how their answers match up. Johnny and Tara admitted to studying beforehand — let's see how they did!

    What is Johnny's spirit animal?

    Johnny Weir: We covered this.

    Tara Lipinski: We did?

    JW: A white albino peacock is my spirit animal.

    Any particular reason why?

    JW: Because they're rare and unique and gorgeous, and I just love them. I love the way they just prance around like, Look at my ass.

    What is Tara's favorite emoji?

    What word does Johnny say way too much?

    TL: Oh boy.

    JW: We did not cover this.

    Johnny starts to write the word "glorious."

    TL: No, don't do that one!

    JW: That's what word I say too much.

    TL: Think of another one.

    Don't cheat!

    TL: I'm just trying to think...

    JW: I mean, "glorious" is the word I say too much. But you just told me not to say that. So you fucked it up. There was a plan...

    TL: (laughs)

    JW: You've disappointed me on an international scale.

    TL: *ponders*

    JW: So disappointing, why do you guys have to test our friendship?

    TL: Yeah, it's actually upsetting!

    JW: We studied all weekend!

    What word does Tara say way too much?

    JW: You're pretty smart, you have lots of words.

    TL: I do! I say that a lot.

    Like, in what context?

    TL: I love Paul Rudd.

    JW: Your outfit is so Paul Rudd today.

    TL: Paul Rudd would do this, Paul Rudd would do that.

    What is Tara's favorite jump?

    What is Johnny's favorite jump?

    JW: That's easy. See, we were prepared. We studied.

    Who is Tara's celeb crush?

    Who is Johnny's celeb crush?

    What song is Johnny's favorite Lady Gaga song?

    JW: Hm. Covered it.

    What is Tara's favorite song?

    TL: I've only made you listen to this a couple times.

    What piece of clothing can Tara not live without?

    JW: (To Tara) We went over this. Same as favorite. Don't fuck it up.

    What is Johnny's favorite piece of clothing?

    JW: It's also our daughter's name.

    TL: Honestly.

    What is Tara's favorite ice-skating movie?

    JW: You said you liked that hockey movie.

    TL: Oh, I do like Cutting Edge. But I mean, the girl tripping on the rose is just...

    JW: "Watch out for the roses!" But you know, when she fell on the rose she was forever beloved after. Good for her.

    What is Johnny's favorite ice-skating movie?

    JW: it was a made-for-TV movie in Canada, nobody here saw it but I am from Amish country and we have one ice-skating movie in our local video shop, and it was the only one I had access to.

    TL: It's a very old movie.

    What's Tara's favorite spin?

    What's Johnny's favorite spin?

    What is Tara's Starbucks order?

    TL: He orders it every time for me.

    JW: I do enjoy Starbucks doodles.

    What is Johnny's go-to Starbucks order?

    What is Tara's favorite pizza topping?

    JW: It's not Hershey's bars?

    What is Johnny's favorite pizza topping?

    JW: It is salad. Frisée actually, specifically. I just wanted to mess her up. We didn't prepare for that because we didn't have childhoods.

    What's Tara's favorite reality show?

    JW: Thanks for watching.

    What is Tara's biggest fashion pet peeve?

    JW: She's really small. Some people stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

    TL: But that's not a fashion pet peeve.

    JW: It is, it's just no one can see your outfit because you're so small.

    What is Johnny's biggest fashion pet peeve?

    JW: I just felt like drawing something fashion-y.

    What is Tara's go-to karaoke song?

    TL: Did I spell it right?

    JW: Yes. Oh wait, no you didn't. Just say you didn't have a childhood.

    What is Johnny's go-to karaoke song?

    Johnny and Tara were recently named to NBC Sports Group’s lead figure skating broadcast team, calling events throughout the 2014-15 figure skating season, continuing with the 2014 Grand Prix of Russia next Sunday, Nov. 16 at 4 p.m. ET on NBC.

    Johnny Weir's To Russia With Love is now available on demand via EPIX.