21 Sure Signs You’re A College Senior

Your free time consists of naps, the internet, and excessive drinking.

1. You’ve given up on dressing up for the (last) first day of school because LOL who has time for that.

2. You’ve stopped going to certain bars because they’re invaded by 18-year-old freshmen.

3. You’re already saying things like, “This is my last home game as a student.”

4. And you’re just generally dreading the inevitable end to “the best four years of your life.”

5. You have to take that one class to graduate, and you have no interest in being there.

6. And when that one freshman asks a question right before class is dismissed, you’re just like:

7. You’ve started casually drinking at restaurants because you no longer need a fake ID.

8. And you find any excuse to cherish the cheap drink specials while you still can.

9. By now, you know campus like the back of your hand and avoid the student union at all costs.

10. You also know all the parking tricks and learned to be ruthless when claiming a spot.

11. You already know half the people in your classes since you’re all required to take the same courses for your major.

12. And you buy all your books online or from a friend because the bookstore is a huge scam.

13. Wine nights have become way more frequent.

14. And you’ve finally stopped drinking crap beer like Natty Ice.

15. You’ve learned to avoid scheduling morning and Friday classes.

16. And you’ve mastered the skill of completing papers the night before they’re due.

17. When you see some youth trying to get into a 21-and-over bar, you’re just like:

18. When you go back home for the holidays, you end up just hanging out with your friends from college.

19. Because you know you’re not going to actually get coffee and catch up with old high school friends.

20. You’re not even halfway through the year but you’ve started stressing about getting a real-life job.

21. Because you don’t even know what exactly it is you want to do.

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