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    25 Solo Female Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Trip

    Solo travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

    1. Before you take a big solo trip, try something short and a little closer to home so you can test the waters.

    2. When choosing a destination, do your research! Check travel advisories, enroll in STEP*, figure out which shots you need, and look up the country information if you're traveling abroad.

    3. Join female travel Facebook groups to get insights, tips, and contacts in other cities.

    4. If you need to do a hostel for budget purposes, search places with single rooms or all-female dorms.

    5. If you go with an Airbnb, always look for places with lots of reviews AND reviews from women.

    6. Pack a mini first aid kit, especially if you're traveling to a country fluent in a different language.

    7. In case of a mugging, bring a decoy wallet (with some cash) and a cheap flip phone.

    8. Oh, and don't keep your phone in an easily accessible pocket. Try placing it in the zipped compartment of a purse.

    9. Keep a notes tab in your phone with all emergency contact information, including numbers for local police and the embassy.

    10. Figure out the customs, culture, and dress codes in the destination you're visiting.

    11. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid headphones, texting, and calling at night on the streets.

    The more alert you are, the safer.

    12. If you plan to bring your laptop, get a VPN and protect yourself.

    13. Just get a selfie stick — you won't regret it.

    14. Make copies of important documents and make sure a trustworthy friend or family member has them too.

    15. You should also leave them a copy of your itinerary and travel plans.

    16. If you're worried about theft, get a slash-proof backpack.

    17. Get travel insurance for both health and property.

    18. Bring a personal security keychain that makes a loud siren noise to deter attackers in dangerous situations.

    19. You can also buy a simple door stop to block intruders from coming into your hotel/airbnb/room.

    20. Alert your bank of your future travels so you don't get cut off for suspicious activity.

    21. If Wi-Fi is generally spotty and it's too expensive to use data, consider getting a SIM card in the area.

    22. If you don't want to explore alone, join group tours.

    23. Find restaurants, markets, museums, and other spots you want to visit, and then add them to a Google Map on your phone and download them for offline use.

    24. If there's a language barrier, use the Google Translate app! You can scan a menu, for instance, and decipher it immediately.

    25. Don't let people scare you off about traveling alone — it's amazing!

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