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This 16-Year-Old Makes Magical Smoothie Bowls That Belong In A Museum

I can barely make myself breakfast, and this teen is killing the game.

Hello, everyone. Please meet Jose, a 16-year-old vegan from Lima, Peru with 1 MILLION followers on Instagram. He makes the most beautiful smoothie bowls, and I can't deal.

Jose is currently in school, but uses his (limited) free time to make these incredible works of art.

The smoothie base itself only takes a few minutes, but coming up with a concept and gathering the correct utensils and ingredients can take several days. He usually makes a sketch and mood board to organize his thoughts.

Jose told BuzzFeed that the food styling can be difficult because he's on a clock. The smoothie starts to melt, so he has construct the bowl super quick.

He also uses natural food colors to give his bowls vibrancy. Some examples are matcha, mango, berries, pink pitaya, spirulina, etc.

And all the props are edible. Here's a video of Jose using a mold to make vegan white chocolate shells and a mermaid tail.

Another prop people love is the gemstones in his creations. They are vegan gummies made from strawberry juice, coconut milk, sweetener, and agar agar.

The berries used are always bought fresh, and he puts them in the freezer. When they defrost, they get that perfect pastel color.

And he said the trick for smooth, creamy bowls is to ONLY use frozen fruit (mainly bananas) and invest in a good blender.

The talented teen will graduate this December. As far as career plans, Jose says he wants to get into art direction, or anything related to art.

Basically, Jose is KILLING THE INSTAGRAM GAME AND YOU SHOULD 100% FOLLOW HIM AND GIVE HIM LOVE. Thanks for sharing your art with us, Jose. 💖