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31 Signs You're A Florida State Seminole

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E! Florida State, Florida State, Florida State! WOOO!

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4. Parking on campus required an ungodly amount of patience and time, and if you didn't find a spot before classes started, you said "screw it" and went home.

But you wish you were the genius that paid the $88 fee with 8,800 pennies.

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Bravo, sir. Bravo.


27. Walking from Woodward to Diffenbaugh in a 15-minute span was your own personal hell.

And if you went from the Psych building to Diffenbaugh, you had to accept you would probably be late for class.

30. UM and UF were the two most important games of the season.

If you lose, you turn off your phone and cry in bed. If you win, you torture your rival friends until next year's game.


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