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21 Signs You Went Through A Chonga Phase

Pero, like, I should've listened to my mom. SMH.

1. First of all, there's a 98% chance you lived in South Florida during your ~cH0nG@~ phase.

Or you lived in California during your ~cH0L@~ phase.

2. You owned way too many pairs of Brazilian pants, all in crazy colors.

3. Along with sequin belts.

4. And baggy T-shirts.

5. You may even have once owned a jersey dress.

6. Hoop earrings and necklaces with your name were a common everyday accessory.

Ashamed of 13-year-old me.

7. You sometimes wore hideous "Chinese slippers" to school.

8. Or these:

9. Dark lip liner and clear lip gloss (or lighter lipstick) was 100% a thing.

10. As was really thin or really thick eyebrows.

11. This was a requirement every time you went to the mall.

12. And so was this shoe store.

13. You sometimes used bra straps as headbands and left a piece of hair hanging in front of your face.

14. And then there were the cornrows with colorful elastic hair ties.

15. And of course, the classically gelled hair with a weird part.

16. There was a time when you were super into reggaeton.

17. And let's not even pretend you didn't know every Pitbull (Mr. 305) song.

18. You probably got down like this at your eighth grade dance.

19. And you spoke Spanglish, even if you clearly weren't Hispanic.

20. If you lived in the Miami area, this was your radio station.

21. And of course, you know every word to this song.

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