19 Sexy Costumes That Have Gone Way Too Far

    I've always wanted to buy a sexy food-related costume for Halloween.

    If you haven't heard of yandy.com, it's a website full of insane "sexy" costumes. Here's the most absurd food-related ones we saw.

    1. Sexy Pineapple

    2. Sexy Gum

    3. Sexy Pizza

    4. Sexy Fries

    5. Sexy Jolly Rancher

    6. Sexy Carrot

    7. Sexy Wine

    8. Sexy Ring Pop

    9. Sexy Fortune Cookie

    10. Sexy Burger

    11. Sexy Gumball Machine

    12. Sexy Taco

    13. Sexy Watermelon

    14. Sexy Banana

    15. Sexy Corn

    16. Sexy Peanut

    17. Sexy Cookie

    18. Sexy Fruit Cup

    19. Sexy Lime Wedge