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    Posted on Jul 7, 2014

    22 Resumes You Can't Believe Actually Exist

    I'd hire some of these people tbh. Via this Quora thread.

    1. The person who had this interesting objective:

    2. This expert communicator:

    3. The guy whose joke fell flat:

    4. This daycare employee who should never be allowed near children again:

    5. This person's extracurricular activity:

    6. This nefarious dude:

    7. This girl's profile:

    8. This person's lowbrow achievement:

    9. This kid's awesome letter:

    10. This guy's prestigious award:

    11. This girl's hobbies turned experience:

    12. This guy's strange choice of metaphors:

    13. This person's career history:

    14. This person's cover letter:

    15. Umm... this?

    16. This person's spelling error:

    17. This future businessman:

    18. This guy's crowning achievement any mother would be proud of:

    19. This person's very honest application:

    20. This person's glaring error (or not?):

    21. This guy's responsibilities:

    22. And this girl's attachment that's almost better than a resume:

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