21 Reasons Marina And The Diamonds Should Always Be On Your Playlist

This Primadonna girl is way too underrated.

1. This is Marina Diamandis, more commonly known as Marina and the Diamonds, and she is perfect.

“Diamonds” refers to her fans, not her band.

2. She’s a super cute Welsh singer-songwriter who, moving forward, deserves your undivided attention.

3. Marina is a quirky artist and her electro-pop music will bring joy to your ears.

Which will in turn make you want to dance.

4. Early demos of her songs were all self-composed and produced on Apple’s application GarageBand.

5. She doesn’t really have any sappy love songs on her albums, which is actually kind of cool.

It’s oddly refreshing.

6. And when she sings “Hollywood” at concerts, she struts on stage with a giant burger and coke.

Mike Hughes / Via catshoe.org

It’s a song about America, so this is clearly appropriate.

7. Her vocals are phenomenal and her CDs are the perfect accessory for car rides.

You’ll be blaring that shit.

8. Her music videos are weird and fun and sometimes involve several half-naked men.

9. Like the “How To Be A Heartbreaker” masterpiece.

10. This girl has a 80s Madonna vibe going on and it’s awesome.

Ian Gavan / Getty

Check out those rad glasses.

11. When asked in an interview to describe her fashion style in three words, Diamandis said, “Vintage, cheerleader, and cartoon.”

Gareth Cattermole / Getty

12. And that little black heart on her cheek is a signature trademark of Marina’s brand.

Ben Pruchnie / Getty

“Rule number three: wear your heart on your cheek.”

13. Marina is also kind of sassy and it makes you love her even more.

14. Like that one time she gave Perez side-eye after he messed up her stage name.


15. And when she told some jerks to GTFO of her show.

A couple guys were yelling during her set so she stopped and said, “Security, please get these guys out so I can finish my song.” You can watch the YouTube video here.

16. Sometimes she tweets some weird shit and it’s what you look forward to.

17. She’s also obsessed with Mean Girls and has this amazing pink “Fetch” hat.

18. Her Instagram is packed with little gems, such as this motivational poster.

19. And this picture of her with a mustache and a martini in a bathtub.

20. She’s basically one of us.

21. And she should always be on your radar.

Keep rockin’ it, Primadonna.

You can listen to her albums The Family Jewels and Electra Heart now.

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