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22 Questions "Hook" Left Unanswered

OK yes, this took place in a land of imagination, but let's get real.

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1. How was Jack allowed to throw a baseball on the airplane with NO consequences?

This kid is causing a ruckus with a possible weapon and not ONE person comes over to tell him to put it away? Where is the flight attendant? How are passengers not angry?

2. How did Teddy end up in Neverland?

That bear was chilling at home in London and then all of a sudden it's in a cave. HOW?

3. What happened to these people? Are they OK?

If you noticed you were suddenly floating in mid-air, wouldn't you be freaking the fuck out?? Did this couple just shake it off or did they need intensive therapy?

4. What are the Lost Boys eating?

It's colorful and magical and I need to know what it contains.

5. Where did these pirates get their uniforms?

They didn't even know what baseball was until Jack showed up and you know those uniforms take weeks to make. Are you guys wizards? Who picked the design?

6. How did the baseball hit Peter in the head?

That ball was in the air for almost TWO FULL minutes and Peter was on the other side of Neverland. No athlete is that good.

7. When Peter is remembering his mother, he says he was afraid of growing up and he decided to run away. How does a newborn baby accomplish this?

Those are some impressive cognitive abilities. And what about his mother? She never noticed the baby carriage rolling down the hill?!

8. If you don't grow up in Neverland, how did Peter become a boy?

He was a baby and then a child. Is it that you can grow but only up to a certain age? Someone please explain!

9. Wasn't Wendy the slightest bit worried that a mysterious boy was crying in her room?

He could be a murderer and here's Wendy all, "Why are you crying?" More like, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?"

10. Did Wendy not find it super creepy when Peter kissed her sleeping granddaughter?

What if this was Moira's first kiss? Does she even know this happened?

11. How did Pan do a costume change mid-air?

Peter was in his white shirt and then he's decked out in green within two seconds. How did he do this? We need your secret, boy.

12. And how did he lose 20 pounds in three days, put eye liner on, and style his hair like so?


13. Is Peter secretly an artist? Because that's a really good cutout.

But for real, that's super detailed for a three-second knife job.

14. What happened to Rufio's body?

Rufio dies and he's all, "I wish I had a father like you," and then Jack says he wants to go home and Peter just peaces out. Was there a funeral? A ceremony? Did someone go all Katniss and surround his body with flowers?

15. How did this crocodile suddenly wake up?

So it was never dead? Was it in a coma this whole time? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?

16. How did the crocodile digest Hook?

This croc didn't chew or swallow so how did he eat a human being?

17. Is the croc dead now?

He burps and then this kid gets dangerously close to the animal's gigantic teeth. Are they just going to leave it there? What will they do with the body?

18. Did Moira even notice her husband was missing for three days?

Time probably stands still in Neverland, but he was at least missing for a whole night. I realize her kids were her priority, but didn't she wonder where Peter was?

19. Where did Smee come from?

Does he have a twin or did he somehow travel back with Peter? Was he ever real? What does this mean?

20. If the dog buried the phone in the snow, how the hell did it survive until Peter came back?

LOL if my iPhone was in the snow for one minute, it would die. I call bullshit.

21. Does Moira know her husband is Peter Pan?

She seems pretty chill about all this. She just saw Toodles fly out the window and she doesn't even care.

22. And finally, did anyone report this?

If I saw a flying man, I would call everyone.

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