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    21 "Queer Eye" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Say "Can You Believe?"

    We love 20gayteen.

    1. When JVN was every drunk girl in a bathroom.

    2. When Antoni gave us a new reaction.

    3. This truth about crying two minutes into Season 2.

    4. This avocado inception.

    5. When people start talking about baseball.

    6. When Antoni was all of us.

    7. The tears. So many tears.

    8. A summary of Tan's work.

    9. This post about getting your life together.

    10. This accurate summary.

    11. ...and this one...

    12. ...and this one.

    13. This screen shot that shows Antoni's elegance.

    14. A deep dive into Karamo's character.

    15. This picture set of JVN realizing his mistake.

    16. Antoni's stages of grief.

    17. This gif-set of Tan keeping it real.

    18. The only time you DON'T skip an intro on Netflix.

    19. This post that sums up our love of Antoni.

    20. This statement.

    21. And of course, Antoni sniffing things.

    "You can't put everything in your mouth and up your nose."

    Queer Eye Season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.


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